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German car manufacturer Audi is best known for manufacturing some of the world’s most sporty and sophisticated cars. Founded in Chemnitz, Germany in 1932 the name Audi is based on the translation of founder August Horch's surname which means 'listen' in Germany. The idea is said to have come from the son of Horch's business friend, Franz Fikentscher. Audi's famous four rings logo highlights one of each of the four companies that formed to create Audi's predecessor business, Auto Union. In 1921, Audi was the first German car manufacturer to produce a production car, the Type K, as a left-hand drive motor vehicle and 11 years later the Audi Front was the first European to use a six-cylinder engine with a front-wheel drive.

The company's factories were dismantled after World War II and the 'Audi' name was not resurrected until 1965 and it took five more years before the brand was introduced to the USA. During the period, Audi cars were considered conservative vehicles, so in 1980, the brand released the Audi Quattro - a turbo-charged Coupe which featured 'all-wheel' drive. By the Nineties, Audi began competing against Mercedes Benz and BMW and is now known as one of the 'German Big Three' luxury car makers and owned by the Volkswagen Group. Audi sold more than 1.3 million new cars in 2012 and is increasing its range to 42 different car models.

As the first online car buying service to be founded in the United Kingdom in 1999, Sell Your Jamjar offers customers a fast and easy way to sell your Audi over the internet. So if your Audi is looking a little tired and you do not have the time or desire to sell your Audi privately, through an auction, or by part exchange, then selling your Audi to us is a simple and hassle-free alternative. We will provide you with the best valuation possible for your Audi and offer free collection of your Audi from anywhere in the UK. There are no hidden administration costs and we will not drive away with your Audi until you are happy that the money has been received in your bank account. Simply enter the vehicle registration number of your Audi above and use the quick check boxes to confirm all your details are correct. Then just provide Sell Your Jamjar with ownership details and any extras your Audi may have and we will send you an offer. If you choose to accept the offer, tell us when and where you would your Audi collected and that is it. Sell Your Audi to Sell Your Jamjar today.

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