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Lotus is a British car manufacturer and is best known for producing sports cars and its association with Formula One. With its headquarters based in Norfolk, the company was founded – as Lotus Engineering Limited – by engineer Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman in 1952. The F1 Lotus team – known as Team Lotus – was split off from Lotus Engineering Limited two years after it was formed and was involved in the sport until the mid-Nineties. Initially, Lotus focused on selling its cars to racing drivers during the kit car era before they launched the Lotus Elan – a convertible and fixed head coupe launched in 1962. The Lotus Eclat – a front engine rear drive two-door coupe - followed in 1974 with a 4 or 5-speed manual gearbox or three-speed automatic gearbox. The Eclat – along with the Lotus Elite (Types 75 and 83 hatchback) – were the first Lotus road cars to be offered in factory built versions only. Lotus's Elan proved very popular and the company released a two plus two version. After selling the rights to produce its lightweight two-seater open-top sports car, the Lotus Seven, to Caterham, Chapman decided to try and make the Lotus more upmarket.

As well as the Elite and Eclat models, the mid-engined Lotus Esprit two-door coupe was released in 1976 and was in production for nearly 20 years. The Esprit is Lotus’s most iconic car. A new Esprit was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show but, in 2014 the company announced it was scrapping the idea. In 1982, with Lotus in serious financial trouble, Chapman agreed to exchange intellectual property with Toyota. This led to the launch of the Toyota Supra and for Lotus to release a new Excel. The same year Chapman died of a heart attack. Lotus won the Formula One World Championship a total of seven times at the time of his death. British Car Auctions became the majority shareholder in 1983, and with other investors, saved the company from near bankruptcy. Since then it has had several owners, including General Motors, Toyota, Bugatti and Proton, a Malaysian car company, who have been proprietors since 1996.

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