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Rover was one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world but it went defunct in 2005. Established in 1878, the British car company was originally called Starley & Sutton Co. of Coventry, and founded by John Starley and William Sutton. Originally Rover was more associated with bikes and motorcycles before cars with the first three-wheeled tricycle released in 1883. Just two years later Starley produced the Rover Safety Bicycle – a chain-driven cycle with two wheels. At the time, Starley's invention was an alternative to the penny-farthing but it is now the most common type of bike. By the 1890s, the company, now called the Rover Cycle Company, was involved in importing Peugeot motorcycles and experimenting with ways of fitting an engine to one of their Rover bicycles. It produced its first motorcycle, the Rover Imperial, in 1902, but ceased production due to poor sales three years later and returning to bicycles. Towards the end of World War One, the company started to look at manufacturing cars. Starley died in 1901 and entrepreneur H J Lawson took control of Rover and in 1904 the Rover 8 – a single-cylinder motor car that was designed by Edmund W Lewis, who had joined from Daimler was produced.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Rover struggled financially before it was employed by the Government to build aircraft engines for the Second World War effort. The company hit its zenith in the 1950s and 1960s with the release of the Land Rover – a four-wheel drive vehicle inspired by the American Jeep - becoming a major success followed by the Range Rover which was launched in 1970. In 1967, Rover became part of the Leyland Motor Corporation (LMC) who then merged with British Motor Holdings (BMH) to become the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC) which saw the brand largely lose its independence. The company was famously nationalised by the Government and sold to British Aerospace and renamed Rover Group in 1988. BMW took over ownership in 1994 and kept the factory in Cowley, Oxford for the production of the Mini but sold Land Rover to Ford . British businessman John Towers, CBE, formed Rover Group Ltd in 2000, which included the production facility in Longbridge, Birmingham, but the business entered administration in 2005. The Rover 75 was one of the last models released. Ford sold Land Rover to Tata Motors – an Indian car manufacturer – three years later.

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